The 8 Best Schools in Cambrian, San Jose

Have you been considering a move to Cambrian Park, San Jose, and are curious about the education system in the area? Well, your search ends here. Cambrian is a charming neighborhood in West San Jose that boasts a relaxed and small-town atmosphere. Although most of the neighborhood is part of San Jose, a small section exists as an unincorporated census-designated place that is known as Cambrian Park.

One of the most significant features of Cambrian is the excellent schools in the area, which are considered some of the best in San Jose. Families can be certain that their children will receive a quality education in this welcoming community. As you make your way through the following schools listed below, you will discover the best schools in Cambrian Park and a few of their treasured features.

Cambrian School District

Residents living in the Cambrian area can take solace in the knowledge that their children are receiving a top-notch education from an exceptional school district. Serving over 3,000 students in grades K through 8, the Cambrian School District is renowned for its strong curriculum development and its commitment to fostering a caring and collaborative school community.

Another noteworthy aspect of Cambrian schools is their exceptional arts and physical education programs. These programs have earned widespread recognition for their excellence, and they play a critical role in helping students develop a well-rounded skill set.

What’s more, Cambrian schools value diversity, and they are committed to providing an inclusive learning environment where students from all backgrounds feel welcome and supported. All in all, the Cambrian School District has undoubtedly earned its spot as one of the best in San Jose.

Students Doing Physical Activities

The Best 8 Schools in Cambrian, San Jose 

#1 Farnham Elementary School l 15711 Woodard Rd, San Jose, CA 95124, United States

Farnham Elementary School in Cambrian, San Jose is not just a public charter school, it's an above-average institution with a strong and supportive community behind it. With over 500 students enrolled in grades K-5, Farnham is a California Distinguished School that prides itself on providing powerful learning experiences for all students.

But, it's not just the students who benefit from what Farnham has to offer. Parents have several opportunities to stay up-to-date and involved, thanks to the several organizations and resources provided by the school. And, when new families join Farnham, they can be sure that they'll be honored and welcomed with open arms by the whole school community.


Great Schools in Cambrian, San Jose

#2 Bagby Elementary School l 1840 Harris Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States

At Bagby Elementary School in San Jose, high standards are the norm. The faculty ensures that students are equipped with the education and skills necessary to succeed in the future. Additionally, the school emphasizes encouraging self-esteem in every student, so that they feel confident in their abilities and can tackle whatever challenges come their way.

Furthermore, Bagby Elementary serves free breakfast and lunch meals to every student, which helps to alleviate any potential concerns over their daily nutrition. The staff also listens carefully to each child’s thoughts and concerns, providing them with the support and attention they need to navigate growing up.

To top it off, Bagby Elementary is known for positively recognizing its students’ achievements, creating a sense of pride and accomplishment. With a strong music program that allows for creative expression, Bagby Elementary School remains one of the best schools in Cambrian, San Jose.

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#3 Fammatre Elementary School l 2800 New Jersey Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States

From the moment you step onto the campus of Fammatre Elementary School in Cambrian, you'll notice the positive relationships between teachers, staff, and students. The school community is built on a foundation of easy communication and problem-solving, where everyone works collaboratively to form a unified and understanding environment.

This approach allows students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. From tutoring programs to counseling services, Fammatre Elementary provides several student resources to support their growth and success. This school truly embodies the value of education through another lens, one that prioritizes building relationships and creating an open dialogue.

#4 Steindorf K-8 STEAM School l 3001 Ross Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States

Effortlessly engaging students in the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, Steindorf K-8 STEAM School in San Jose has quickly become one of the most sought-after schools in the Cambrian community. Although the school originally opened its doors in 1955, it closed in 1979 due to declining enrollment.

However, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the community, Steindorf reopened in August 2016 and has since thrived. With a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning and critical thinking, the school prepares students for success in the 21st century. Steindorf K-8 STEAM School is a shining example of how a community can come together to ensure educational opportunities for its children.

Some of the exciting athletic programs offered at this school include:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer 
  • Cross Country

Students Can Enjoying Many Athletic Programs At School

#5 Ida Price Charter Middle School l 2650 New Jersey Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States

Communication is key at Ida Price Charter Middle School in San Jose. With a very strong sense of community, the school prioritizes effective communication between students, parents, and staff. Ida Price offers accelerated Math and English programs, as well as world-class band and unmatched athletic opportunities, dances, rallies, and more.

The school focuses not only on academic achievement but also on building self-worth and providing real-world experiences that teach practical skills. Ida Price Charter Middle School is committed to preparing students for success beyond the classroom by providing a comprehensive education that fosters growth in all aspects of life.

Some of the elective programs featured at this school include:

  • Yearbook
  • Leadership
  • Project Lead the Way
  • Digital Art

#6 Cambrian Academy l 4340 Almaden Expy, San Jose, CA 95118, United States

Founded in 2008, Cambrian Academy is a renowned San Jose private school that has been making waves in the education sector for its innovative approach and methodology. This unique institution brings together local and international students all under one roof, fostering a diverse and inclusive community.

Cambrian Academy sets high standards for its students, encouraging them to reach their full potential and providing them with the tools and resources needed to succeed in their academic and personal endeavors. With a commitment to excellence, Cambrian Academy is a top choice for families looking for a dynamic and challenging educational experience.

Some of the fantastic extracurricular offerings at this school include:

  • Sailing
  • Music
  • Tennis
  • Outdoor Club
  • Drama
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#7 Branham High School l 1570 Branham Ln, San Jose, CA 95118, United States

Home of the Bruins, Branham High School in San Jose is a place where hard work and pure dedication are highly valued. The school's culture encourages imagination, and students are constantly pushed to explore their creativity. Branham High School is known for its spirited homecoming events, which bring the entire student body together to celebrate school spirit.

The award-winning marching band is a source of pride for the school, showcasing the exceptional talents of its students. With more than 150 clubs to choose from, students have endless opportunities to pursue their passions and interests. Branham High School overflows with student support and materials, ensuring that every student has an equal chance to grow and flourish.

Students Enjoying Class

#8 Leigh High School l 5210 Leigh Ave, San Jose, CA 95124, United States

Located in the West San Jose region, Leigh High School is a secondary school that has been educating students since 1962. As the fifth school established in the Campbell High School Union School District, Leigh has a strong history of steady effort and validation for its students.

The school offers students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement and accelerated courses, giving them a chance to challenge themselves academically. With an authentic learning atmosphere, Leigh High School provides an atmosphere that nurtures decision-making and encourages students to take ownership of their education.

Some of the top clubs offered at this high school include:

  • Acapella Club
  • ASL Club
  • Biology Olympiad
  • Board Game Club
  • Bollywood Dance

Education is a common factor that can either make or break a community and the schools listed above are just some of the schools in Cambrian, San Jose that provide students with an education that is second to none. By supporting your local schools and helping create an environment of growth, joy, and learning it is possible to help build the neighborhood into something even better than before.

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