The 7 Best Schools in Evergreen, San Jose

Located in East San Jose, the Evergreen Valley is a highly desirable community in the heart of Silicon Valley. This large district of San Jose, California, is known for its beautiful scenic views and well-regarded public schools, making it a popular destination for families wanting to settle down in a thriving and vibrant community.

Also known as Evergreen Valley, this area boasts some of the best schools in San Jose, offering a top-notch education to students from kindergarten to high school. These facilities are known for their excellent academic programs, dedicated teachers, and comprehensive extracurricular activities, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their future endeavors.

Whether you're a parent looking for the best education for your child or a student looking to further your academic career, Evergreen, San Jose has everything you need to succeed.

Evergreen Elementary School District

The Evergreen Elementary School District is no stranger to academic excellence. With a majority of schools rated above average in terms of quality, parents can rest easy knowing their children are receiving a top-notch education. Catering to children in grades K-8, this district boasts an impressive 13 elementary schools and 3 middle schools.

But it's not just about the numbers here, advanced learning programs and opportunities abound, making sure each student is challenged and engaged. The district also values the well-being of its students and staff, showcasing its commitment to creating a healthy and supportive environment.

Not to be outdone, Evergreen is also responsive and forward-thinking, constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve. The community bonds throughout this school district are solid, ensuring that parents, students, faculty members, and administrators all work together to create the best possible learning experience.

Teaching Engaging Students At School - Best Schools in Evergreen, San Jose

The Best 7 Schools in Evergreen, San Jose

High-performing schools can be hard to come by that's why we have gathered the top seven schools in Evergreen, San Jose for you to choose from.

#1 James Franklin Smith Elementary School l 3300 Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95148, United States

James Franklin Smith Elementary School is a leading K-6 educational institution located in the eastern foothills of the Mt. Hamilton Range. As the 17th school to open in the Evergreen School District, it has quickly become a staple in the community for providing a balanced curriculum that not only captures academic excellence but also focuses on developing the social and emotional capacities of its students.

The school prides itself on its ability to integrate both traditional and innovative teaching methods that challenge and inspire students to become leaders of tomorrow. In addition to academic instruction, the school emphasizes the importance of cooperation and encourages students to work together towards common goals.

Some of the resources provided at this school include:

  • Communication tools
  • Parents and student handbooks
  • Online tech tutorials
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#2 Silver Oak Elementary School l 5000 Farnsworth Dr, San Jose, CA 95138, United States

Silver Oak Elementary School in San Jose is an innovative educational institution that caters to students from Transitional Kindergarten to 6th grade. With 26 experienced educators and 576 students, the school provides a wealth of experiences that go beyond traditional teaching methods. The school's focus is on developing each student's individuality and self-esteem, fostering imaginations that prepare them for 21st-century learning.

At Silver Oak, the approach to learning is school-wide and emphasizes the importance of exploration and creativity. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to think beyond the conventional, promoting problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. With loyalty to nurturing individual strengths, students are encouraged to develop their talents, interests, and abilities in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Enrichment programs offered at this school include:

  • Band
  • Art
  • Speech & Debate
  • Public Speaking

Enriched Programs Like Band For Students To Enjoy! - Best Schools in Evergreen, San Jose

#3 Carolyn A. Clark Elementary School l 3701 Rue Mirassou, San Jose, CA 95148, United States

Carolyn A. Clark Elementary School in San Jose is located on the eastern side of the district's school borders. This wonderful school promotes a growth mindset and empowers its like-minded community to take ownership of their learning. With positive behavior programs and effective communication tools, the school has earned a reputation for providing an ideal learning environment where students can realize their capabilities.

The school focuses on cultivating a deeper appreciation for education and encouraging students to strive for excellence. At Clark Elementary, students are encouraged to push themselves beyond their limits and reach for their full potential. With a fantastic staff and supportive environment, the students of Clark Elementary are on a guided path toward success.

Academic programs highlighted at this school include:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Dual Language Immersion
  • Special Education
  • Transitional Kindergarten

#4 Chaboya Middle School l 3276 Cortona Dr, San Jose, CA 95135, United States

Located in San Jose, Chaboya Middle School has gained an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality education to 7th and 8th-grade students. The school's devotion to excellence is clear in its winning sports teams and popular extracurricular activities.

With dedicated advocates at the helm, Chaboya Middle School continuously strives to offer more to its students. The school is expanding its facilities and programs to provide vital educational pathways that align with students' interests and passions. Chaboya Middle School is implementing innovative teaching methods to prepare students for success in the 21st century.

Top athletic opportunities at this school include:

  • Basketball
  • Cross-Country
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball

Students Can Participate in Many Different Sport Teams At School - Best Schools in Evergreen, San Jose

#5 Quimby Oak Middle School l 3190 Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95148, United States

Established in 1968, Quimby Oak Middle School in San Jose has stood the test of time as a resilient institution. Over the years, it has made significant contributions to the educational journeys and social adventures of its 7th and 8th-grade students. The school prides itself on promoting the overall well-being of its students, both academically and emotionally.

With a focus on normalcy and balance, Quimby Oak Middle School provides a supportive environment that enables students to thrive. Each student is encouraged to pursue their individual educational journey, with teachers providing guidance and support along the way. From academic achievements to extracurricular activities, this school has helped shape the lives of countless students for over 50 years.

Elective activities available at this school include:

  • Yearbook
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Concert Band
  • Volleyball
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#6 Evergreen Valley High School l 3300 Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95148, United States

Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose is the pride and joy of the East Side Union High School District. Founded in 2002, this comprehensive four-year high school has quickly become one of the most sought-after educational institutions in the area. With the Cougar as their mascot, Evergreen Valley is known not only for its impressive academics but also for the quality of its performing and visual arts programs.

They also boast a variety of sports for their students to participate in and excel at. The parents and the community surrounding the school are very supportive and they take pleasure pride in their graduation rates. It's evident that Evergreen Valley High School is committed to ensuring its students' success, and they surround themselves with the resources to make it happen.

Some of the athletic opportunities at this school include:

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Cheer
  • Football
  • Softball

Lots Of Great Sports For Students To Enjoy - Best Schools in Evergreen, San Jose

#7 Silver Creek High School l 3434 Silver Creek Rd, San Jose, CA 95121, United States

Nestled in the heart of San Jose, Silver Creek High School is an educational gem that has earned the coveted California Distinguished School award. As part of the East Side Union High School District, Silver Creek is committed to providing equal access to quality education for all its students.

With a focus on exploration and a willingness to fail and grow, students are encouraged to make use of every opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their goals. The school also provides numerous resources for both students and parents, emphasizing the importance of determination and community support.

With strong ties to industry and community, Silver Creek High School ensures its graduates are well-equipped to face the challenges of the future.

Some of the exciting clubs offered at this school include:

  • AP's Club
  • Biking Club
  • Biology Club
  • California Scholarship Federation

As mentioned before Evergreen, San Jose is known for its abundance of educational institutions. From elementary to high school, there are plenty of opportunities out there for students to find their perfect fit. We hope this list has helped you narrow down your choices and explore the possibilities in San Jose.

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