Campbell, California

Found in the San Francisco Bay area, nestled in Santa Clara County is the beautiful city of Campbell, California. Considered by many as the best place to live in Silicon Valley, Campbell perfectly blends city enthusiasm with family-oriented lifestyles. With top-rated schools, preserved open spaces, and close proximity to numerous job centers, Campbell is an ideal location for those who desire convenience and comfort.

History of Campbell, California

Campbell features a rich history that has helped shape the city into one of the most desirable places to live in Silicon Valley. Named after Benjamin Campbell, the city's founder, Campbell was originally occupied by the Ohlone, the Native American people of the Northern California coast.

Benjamin came to California in 1846 with his father, William M. Campbell I., who started a sawmill near Saratoga and surveyed the cities of San Jose and Santa Clara before Benjamin bought 160 acres south-southeast just outside city limits that would be considered today's historical downtown core.

In 1878 Campbell sold the land to a railroad company and roughly 10 years later, the first subdivision was recorded in the area, located just west of the railroad. Today, this spot is marked by the Water Tower Plaza.

The fruit packing industry became a major component of the local economy in Campbell, California. By 1892 there were 17 acres devoted to drying and canning tomatoes here! J C Ainsley Packing Company was one such company that operated out from this area during its prime time period as well as Hyde Cannery and Payne Cannery.

The city of Campbell was officially incorporated in 1952 with rapid expansion happening after the disappearance of orchard lands.

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Living in Campbell, California

Whether you are already living in Silicon Valley or planning on moving to the area, one of the best places to live in Silicon Valley is Campbell, California. The city is filled with numerous advantages that are perfect for families and working professionals alike.

One of the primary benefits of living in Campbell is its close proximity to major job centers. Located just minutes from downtown San Jose and Santa Clara, residents can easily access an abundance of employment opportunities.

There are many exciting recreational opportunities, parks, open spaces, and more dotted throughout Campbell. The city enjoys ideal proximity to other major Santa Clara county areas which further offer chances for fun and relaxation.

Parks and Recreation in Campbell, California

The City of Campbell has a number of neighborhood parks located throughout the city for peaceful enjoyment and relaxation with family. All amenities at these parks are geared towards small groups, so they're available on a first-come-first-serve basis! The children will have their minds blown by all sorts of fun play apparatus while you soak up some sun in this beautiful public space that was made just right according to your needs as well- especially since every inch is designed to be big enough not only to accommodate kids but adults too if need be without feeling cramped or overcrowded during use.

Neighborhood Park, Campbell

Popular Parks in Campbell, CA include:

Campbell Park

The park is located at the corner of Campbell Avenue and Gilman Avenue, between Downtown Campbell and Highway 17. It has two full-length basketball courts that are lit with night lights until 10 p.m., picnic tables for you to enjoy your meal or just relax while watching people playing sports in this beautiful area. There is a major access point to the Los Gatos Creek Trail which connects Downtown San Jose to Vasona Park, and on to Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos.

Edith Morley Park

A dog-friendly park located in the industrial area of Campbell, Edith Morley Park offers a perfect escape in the middle of the city. Named for Edith Morley who was a dominant force in the development of parks and open space in the City of Campbell. The park offers paths, tons of open green space and is well-maintained.

Jack Fischer Park

Jack Fischer Park is a well-manicured park that has many attractions for kids, including an interactive water feature and “beehive hill” with a walking path. The large open playfields provide plenty of room to run around freely without worrying about getting into trouble if they get off track! 

Real Estate in Campbell, California

Popular Campbell Real Estate Searches

The city of Campbell, California is a beautiful place to call home! Whether you are looking for homes for sale in Campbell the area has something for everyone. Campbell's real estate market is diverse, offering a varied selection of housing styles and sizes.

Most homes in this area are single-family, though there is a small assortment of condominiums and apartments available. These properties tend to fall between 1k -1 600 sq ft with three or four bedrooms on lots measuring about 6 K square feet. The vast majority were built between 1950 thru 1970 when architectural styles downtown started becoming popular again due to their old charm.

Pockets of newer, much larger homes are found on subdivided lots previously occupied by smaller homes. Most apartments in Campbells can be found along north-south roads like Hamilton and Campbell Avenue where there's a mix between old or new construction depending upon location; however many buildings were built around the 1990s which makes them quite modern compared with others nearby.

Much of Campbell's real estate options include spacious lots which are well manicured and offer further living space outdoors. A number of the neighborhoods in Campbell are highly sought-after and provide an ideal place to raise a family or just relax after a long day at work.

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Schools in Campbell, California

Schools located in Campbell, California belong to two school districts; the Campbell Union School District and the Campbell Union High School District. Located within the city limits are:

  • Campbell School of Innovation
  • Capri Elementary School
  • Rosemary Elementary School
  • Village School
  • Westmount High School

Within the school districts, there are 19 Campbell elementary schools, 9 Campbell middle schools, 3 Campbell high schools, and 28 Campbell preschool schools. There are also 13 private schools in Campbell.

School Kids, Campbell California

Things To Do in Campbell, CA

Campbell, CA offers its residents plenty of things to do and see. From parks and recreation to arts and culture, this city has it all!

Local History at the Ainsley House

The Ainsley House was built in 1925 and is the former home of John Colpitts Ainsley. The Tudor Cotswold cottage-style house has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open for public viewing on certain days of the week. At any given time during your visit, you could be seeing family portraits or old furniture that was once part of someone’s life. Exhibits throughout the year explore different eras in this country's history through artifacts and photographs while also telling stories about what it was like being an Ainsley living here back then!

Live Performances at the Heritage Theater

The Heritage Theater is a historic building in Campbell that was originally constructed as an opera house back in 1938. After being fully refurbished and reopened for use, it now houses the performing arts scene with about 800 seats. The Heritage Theater hosts performances from various artists like concerts or musicals; plays which include comedy acts among others! Throughout any given year you can expect new shows at this beautiful venue.

Live Play, Campbell California

History Lessons at the Campbell Historical Museum

The Campbell Historical Museum is home to a wide variety of items, both historic and cultural. From farm implements dating back centuries ago to photos from today - you'll find it all here!

The permanent collection includes many items that date back before the 1800s while still maintaining relevance in our modern society like technology or sports achievements; there's also plenty for more recent history with some fascinating additions including collectibles. Temporary shows provide an ever-changing panorama into how residents lived during different periods throughout time. 

New Museum of Los Gatos

The New Museum of Los Gatos is a welcoming, inclusive museum that gives visitors an opportunity to explore the history and culture of nearby towns. On-site exhibits showcase items collected over time such as photos or documents from various sources. The museum features art by local artists in their featured artwork galleries. It also offers workshops with experts on different topics every month.

Visit Downtown Campbell

Downtown Campbell is an exciting and action-packed place filled with restaurants, cafes, and plenty of shopping opportunities. From the Campbell Community Park to the Campbell Farmer’s Market, the district is constantly abuzz with things for residents and visitors to see and do. The downtown area also plays host to a number of community events throughout the year which include First Friday Street Entertainment, Second Saturday Artwalk and Entertainment, Spring Wine Walks, Boogie Music Festival, Easter Parade and Oktoberfest. 

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Shopping and Dining in Campbell, California

Campbell, California is home to a variety of shopping and dining experiences. From the big chains to mom-and-pop stores and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, you'll find it all here!

Some of the shopping opportunities found in Campbell are located in the downtown district which is filled with locally-owned shops as well as larger areas such as Pruneyard Shopping Center, and Campbell Plaza.

The dining scene in Campbell is varied and eclectic, offering everything from casual diners to upscale eateries. If you're looking for ethnic cuisine, there are more than enough choices with at least a few options including Thai and Vietnamese among others.

A large number of Campbell's restaurants are dotted along S Bascom Ave and include options such as Grill Em Steakhouse, The Habit Burger Grill, Best Desi Pizza, and many more.

The best place to live in Silicon Valley is Campbell, CA.  Campbell has a wide variety of things for residents and visitors to do, from parks and recreation spots to arts and culture opportunities. With well-rated schools, ample amenities, and a convenient location, Campbell is a great place to call home.


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